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  transmission questions and answers

Vehicle owners ask transmission and driveline questions everyday - these are their questions along with the answers.

Transmission Answers 

Q: How much will it cost to have my automatic transmission rebuilt?

Q: What are the primary factors that determine the cost of an automatic transmission rebuild?

Q: What does an automatic transmission service consist of?

Q: What is the difference between a transmission fluid and filter change and a flush?

Q: My transmission failed - is it better to have it rebuilt or purchase a used or remanufactured transmission?


Q: What ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) should I use in my vehicle?

Q: Do aftermarket extended auto warranties adequately cover the automatic transmission and powertrain?

Understanding extended warranties - coverage and cost.

Q: How do I know for certain my transmission needs to be rebuilt?

Q: Why can't I get a straight answer from the transmission shop about what it will cost to rebuild my transmission?

Q: How long do automatic transmissions last?

 8 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Transmission

Q: My transmission is not shifting correctly - what could be the problem?

Q: What does it mean when a transmission is "slipping"?

Q: What causes an automatic transmission to slip?

Q: Will the check engine light come when the transmission malfunctions or has a problem?

Q: When I take off from a dead stop, I hear and feel a thump that appears to be coming from the area of the transmission - what could this be?



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